Monday, September 16, 2013

Color Blind

Seems you didn't comb your hair today-
That's okay,
I still like you anyway.
You don't live in a castle like a king,
No diamond rings,
They're just sparkly, silly things.
And if the sun just doesn't shine,
I don't mind.
Today's another day that's your and mine,
and that's just fine;
In a strange and special way, I'm color blind

It doesn't mean that I can't see a rainbow,
Or silver beams of moonlight in the sky-
The colors I can't see are ugliness and hate,
The world is a miracle
when seen through my eyes.

Seems you're feeling very sad today-
Said goodbye,
Didn't mean to make you cry,
You were always very good to me.
Glad to be
In your loving family.
And if the world is looking sad and gray,
It's okay
'Cause in a while the hurt will go away,
You'll be fine,
If you do your best to see things  
          color blind

And I hope you'll always see the shades of sunset,
And a million flowers blooming in July-
The colors you don't need, are jealousy and greed;
The world can be so beautiful
        if you see it through my eyes.

And I know someday the time will come,
My dear friend,
When your time on earth is done.
We will be together like before,
Without end,
In a place beyond the sun.
I'll be there to meet you,
And I'll call out to greet you
Where the worries of this world
     are far behind

Everyday will be a day that's your and mine.
But 'til then, keep in mind,
In a special way, I was always color blind.

And I wish that everyone was color blind.

D. Deskin