Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Poem

Lights twinkle in the distance
the soft hue of smoke lifts from the chimney
filling the air with swirls of gray
dancing through the colored lights

flakes of snow drift down

the lingering smell of pine
mixing  with sugar cookies cooling in kitchens
hot apple cider
sipped with cinnamon

Monday, September 16, 2013

Color Blind

Seems you didn't comb your hair today-
That's okay,
I still like you anyway.
You don't live in a castle like a king,
No diamond rings,
They're just sparkly, silly things.
And if the sun just doesn't shine,
I don't mind.
Today's another day that's your and mine,
and that's just fine;
In a strange and special way, I'm color blind

It doesn't mean that I can't see a rainbow,
Or silver beams of moonlight in the sky-
The colors I can't see are ugliness and hate,
The world is a miracle
when seen through my eyes.

Seems you're feeling very sad today-
Said goodbye,
Didn't mean to make you cry,
You were always very good to me.
Glad to be
In your loving family.
And if the world is looking sad and gray,
It's okay
'Cause in a while the hurt will go away,
You'll be fine,
If you do your best to see things  
          color blind

And I hope you'll always see the shades of sunset,
And a million flowers blooming in July-
The colors you don't need, are jealousy and greed;
The world can be so beautiful
        if you see it through my eyes.

And I know someday the time will come,
My dear friend,
When your time on earth is done.
We will be together like before,
Without end,
In a place beyond the sun.
I'll be there to meet you,
And I'll call out to greet you
Where the worries of this world
     are far behind

Everyday will be a day that's your and mine.
But 'til then, keep in mind,
In a special way, I was always color blind.

And I wish that everyone was color blind.

D. Deskin

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Under the Water

Kefalonia Island, Greece

You and a travelling party are in a deep underwater cavern, quite possibly at the bottom of the ocean. You know only this as you wake up, feet and arms covered with stray sand and maybe a little ocean debris. You feel a soggy piece of paper in your pocket, but before opening it, you stand up and walk down a passageway. It is lined with sand and stone, the walls are covered in bright corals. Halfway down the corridor, you see that the roof of the cavern over your head is gently leaking-- drops of water drip partially over your face and onto your head.
Cenote Entrance

You continue forward and as the hallway comes to an end and your heart quickens. Entering a giant cove, you see a moderate pool of water that glows brightly and what surrounds it seems to be a giant rain-forest. The forest canopy above is 30 feet high and you see it shake subtly with forest life and other creatures that dwell there. The ground is now covered in dirt, and as you take a breath, the smell of strange flowers fills the air. The plant life is giant, unusual, and brightly colored. You hear the quiet chattering of what seems to be birds, monkeys, and some unidentifiable sounds. The forest seems to continue on deep into the cove. You see foot prints on the ground, left by something possibly human or a large animal.

Do you follow these footprints? What happens? What is on the piece of paper in your pocket….or have you lost it?! Tell us about your journey. Maybe your journey will end by finding an ancient treasure, maybe you’ll rescue someone you know or don’t know. Perhaps, you run into an aboriginal tribe of cave-dwellers that live in this forest. Perhaps, this is a dream! Feel free to share your story and make it as wild as you’d like. Happy Writing!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Flower's Pardon

The world in its shallow parts could never be absolute,
Each breath a small integration to a growing apothecary,
Small and sweet a flower’s sifting sigh
Predestined footprints slipping behind,

The petal slips down
Soft remnant of winter
its belief.

My Special Words:

Boob Cat

hard drive

Boob Cat

The cat awoke from a dream of beans
a hot cup of tea in a bargain hotel
juice boxes floating on a some distant dreams
lifting weights yelling, "Slam that barbell!"

A knock at the door brings his knife to the ready
Its just a plantain by the cool name of freddy!

My hard drive is dead! said the cool dudarube.
I'll fix it as long as you don't touch my boob.

musical thoughts

A melody begins to grow
in your mind,
in your heart.

Floating up
from the depths of thought
to the surface
exposing your soul.

and quiet at first
it begins to amplify.

The rhythm
smooth and steady
plays gently on
like the flowing river.

Notes swirl and turn
they dance inside your head
a song played

only you can hear.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scrabble Salad!

I know the name sounds strange, but bear with me. Get out a piece of paper and pen, and think of an image, feeling, place or thing. Unless you’re feeling particularly spontaneous, then just pull out the piece of paper!
Write down 5-10 words. They should be something with more function than an article, preposition or proper noun. Adjectives, adverbs and descriptive words are best to use for this exercise.

If you want to, cross out words that you feel don’t mix with the rest, or keep them to liven things up!

Take those words you wrote down, and write a poem that specifically contains those words. It could be any length, and could be about almost anything. Use those words to build a poem that reflects something unique or whimsical (or silly), and see what product forms. Don’t be afraid to work directly with those words, or to even work completely around them. It’s up to you how you use the tools you just gathered. Good luck and happy writing!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Drifting from a cloudy dream
eyes flutter open

Sitting up straight on a bed of moss and grass
stretching limbs

Brushing leaves of hair away
from radiant green eyes

Blooming bright flowers grow
garments on the skin

Standing, bare feet like sturdy stems
find soft fertile ground

Stepping into the sun, deep red
its rays warm

Feeding the soul,
giving life

Watching below, the river clean and fresh
deep purple waters ripple

Looking above, tall trees, mighty and strong
ancestors watching over

Gazing beyond, rolling hills blend in tall mountains,
guardians protecting

Awakening into what was once was only dream,
a new life begins.