Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Drifting from a cloudy dream
eyes flutter open

Sitting up straight on a bed of moss and grass
stretching limbs

Brushing leaves of hair away
from radiant green eyes

Blooming bright flowers grow
garments on the skin

Standing, bare feet like sturdy stems
find soft fertile ground

Stepping into the sun, deep red
its rays warm

Feeding the soul,
giving life

Watching below, the river clean and fresh
deep purple waters ripple

Looking above, tall trees, mighty and strong
ancestors watching over

Gazing beyond, rolling hills blend in tall mountains,
guardians protecting

Awakening into what was once was only dream,
a new life begins.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CandyMerpeopleMarsland, Or Wii-U Land?

Is there an ideal world or reality that you wish existed? What does that place look like, and where could it be located? Is it a world of colorful candy, a place that is only filled with water (and we are all mer-people of course), or is it a place very similar to our own?

Super Mario Land...

Where and what is this place? Use the 5 senses & an unconventional, creative perspective to share your world with us. Importantly, who is your speaker?

Good luck and happy writing ;)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Burned out

Slowly I open my eyes,
or what used to be eyes.

What are they now, 
and where am I?

Everything seems big and strange.
Out of focus and perspective.
I'm sitting on a table,
in a room of someones house.

I'm not sure how I got here.

People pass right by me,
they don't notice me at all.
I try to yell,
to call for help,
but no sound comes from my mouth.

Panic takes hold
 at the realization that I no longer
have a mouth.
Or arm
or legs.

I cannot run away, 
or scream, 
or even cry.

Time pass by,
I can't be sure how long.
A sudden spark
and the warmth of a flame bring from my daze.
Something above me glows and flickers.
It's hurting me somehow I know,
but I feel no pain.

Small white drops
of waxy sweat drip from my head,
or where my head should be.
I feel myself shrinking,
slowly fading away.

As the flames die out,
a small puddle of wax
 is all that remains
of me.

Little trotty hetty coat 
in a long petticoat 
and a red nose 
the longer she stands 
the shorter she grows. 
What is it?

Thoughtful Akuma

My name might be
my heart small enough
to hold the both of us,

our insights resting
upon small hay bales
with a garish color
telling of a new spring,

my smile a sweet rue
but spilled with
minute surmountable regret,
powerful puppet-master

who pulls my strings
and reveals to me
small doses of faith
as a true constructionist,

my wings man-made
because I may be Godless,
peering out over the blue
flame that disguises

the world among an
ocean of sleepy hue,
dreary-eyed, I'd blink,
and with a little hope,

see the cobweb glitter.

Definition of COBWEB

a : the network spread by a spider :
b : tangles of the silken threads of a
spiderweb usually covered with
accumulated dirt and dust

: something that entangles, obscures, or
confuses <a cobweb of law and politics>

Ling Ling Panda

My soul is comfortably black & white,
but oh, 
my paws are so fluffy,
I am a true sight to behold, 

in all seriousness, 
how can you not love me?

Woe is me for
my paws will not fit
around the entire world,
my world of panda,

a panda themed park
where children run 
tirades of "Mummy, Mom, Momma"
in order to receive panda-

shaped ice-cream 
the future is something
to behold with my small 

but adorable black eye,
light an incense stick for me
and say a very small prayer,
but oh, please do not sneeze.

Ancestor Angel

waking up in the dark of night
high above the ground
cold and afraid

"Where am I?" I call to the darkness
growling from below
red piercing eyes beneath me
movement in the tree and a tap on my shoulder
finger to lips
a hand extended

Light break
dark fades
deep forest

Spreading my new found wings I take to the air
over the forest
as if a bird in flight

cool air fills my lungs
trees zoom by with spear in hand
My mind racing to fill in the gaps

I live here now
though I don't know how
a hunter in a distant plane.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The mind of Matter

The brown hare sits watching,
through the eye of a needle,
the ticking hands on the face of the clock.

He jumps up on the chest,
it's brown leather top
worn and creased,
like wrinkles on it's skin.

Upon it sits a bottle,
its long, elegant neck
leading up to its open mouth.

The little brown bunny hops
across the arm of the couch
and between the legs of the chair
(good thing it was standing still, or it would have tripped),

then comes to rest
at the foot of the bed.

"Get Unreal?"

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