Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Drifting from a cloudy dream
eyes flutter open

Sitting up straight on a bed of moss and grass
stretching limbs

Brushing leaves of hair away
from radiant green eyes

Blooming bright flowers grow
garments on the skin

Standing, bare feet like sturdy stems
find soft fertile ground

Stepping into the sun, deep red
its rays warm

Feeding the soul,
giving life

Watching below, the river clean and fresh
deep purple waters ripple

Looking above, tall trees, mighty and strong
ancestors watching over

Gazing beyond, rolling hills blend in tall mountains,
guardians protecting

Awakening into what was once was only dream,
a new life begins.


  1. This is an awesome visual poem! Thanks for posting this today :) I like how your speaker really embodies the quiet observation of a Sylvari in a plant-dream-like world. It's neat also, because your poem very much so ties into the prompt that I recently added: Who is your speaker, and where is your world?

    From a personal standpoint, I tend to lean towards this natural kind of character-creation (especially in MMO's) because this kind of perspective stems from an organic and surrealistic perspective. Your poem is very well organized in its small stanzas/ "couplets." The last couplet is very conclusive in a unique way since it opens up the poem to new possibilities that range from outside of these last few lines: "Awakening into what was once was only dream,/a new life begins."

    I think color plays an important role in the poem, and of course, organic structure. Thanks for sharing and I hope to see you guys soon for workshop! (And also looking forward to GW!)


  2. I edited a few things that I didn't like after you read it. But this is one of my favorite prompts! and I had a lot of fun writing it. I was playing right before I got on to read the prompt again and I thought it would be a good subject for this poem.