Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Under the Water

Kefalonia Island, Greece

You and a travelling party are in a deep underwater cavern, quite possibly at the bottom of the ocean. You know only this as you wake up, feet and arms covered with stray sand and maybe a little ocean debris. You feel a soggy piece of paper in your pocket, but before opening it, you stand up and walk down a passageway. It is lined with sand and stone, the walls are covered in bright corals. Halfway down the corridor, you see that the roof of the cavern over your head is gently leaking-- drops of water drip partially over your face and onto your head.
Cenote Entrance

You continue forward and as the hallway comes to an end and your heart quickens. Entering a giant cove, you see a moderate pool of water that glows brightly and what surrounds it seems to be a giant rain-forest. The forest canopy above is 30 feet high and you see it shake subtly with forest life and other creatures that dwell there. The ground is now covered in dirt, and as you take a breath, the smell of strange flowers fills the air. The plant life is giant, unusual, and brightly colored. You hear the quiet chattering of what seems to be birds, monkeys, and some unidentifiable sounds. The forest seems to continue on deep into the cove. You see foot prints on the ground, left by something possibly human or a large animal.

Do you follow these footprints? What happens? What is on the piece of paper in your pocket….or have you lost it?! Tell us about your journey. Maybe your journey will end by finding an ancient treasure, maybe you’ll rescue someone you know or don’t know. Perhaps, you run into an aboriginal tribe of cave-dwellers that live in this forest. Perhaps, this is a dream! Feel free to share your story and make it as wild as you’d like. Happy Writing!

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