Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Recant of Stream Of Consciousness Exercise

Here's what we experienced this Monday, in case you'd like to come back to it again:

“Stream of Consciousness; Flow”
Writing using Stream of Consciousness means to put your pen down to paper and attempt to write without pause. You continue writing no matter what comes to mind, and you write it down regardless of whether it makes sense or not. You allow your mind to flow from thought to thought, and freely annotate where your mind wants to wander. It’s called stream, because of the variability of continual flow and what it allows you to do. Flow, connection, continuity are all important aspects of stream of consciousness, and it accesses all aspects of our attention. Our conscious attention, our subconscious attention, and allows something to come of it. It’s a great exercise because it lets us explore the creativity on the surface of our thoughts, and let’s spontaneity lead us. So when you begin, I’ll give you around 6 minutes to write without stopping. If your mind goes blank, write ellipses, or just write down whatever you might be wondering about.

You walk outside of your house and you see that the landscape stretches on to what seems like forever. The boundary of the place you are in is covered with a vibrant forest, colors of green, tall maples and various vegetation. In the background, you hear sounds of wildlife. You take a step forward and think you hear running water. You are compelled to move forward towards the sound and you walk until you meet a river. It begins small at first, but wavers on until you see it disappear in the brush. You continue to follow at the side of this river, what is it you see?


As you are walking, you pause. You see something flicker with movement at the edges of your vision. What do you do?


You hear a noise off in the distance and you somehow feel at peace. What does this sound remind you of, and do you follow it?


Do you reach a destination, or does the river go on forever? If it stops, what do you see at the end of it? Does someone take your hand and lead you somewhere?

The ending is up to you :)

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